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Welcome to AJ on Programming

AJ is our mascot who teaches Programming through a series of videos, okay really I do the teaching and he mainly watches.

AJonP’s Goals


Become a community where you can get questions answered among colleagues and allow for a central place to reference learning tools.

Please feel free to join the AJonP Slack team to network with developers, ask questions, and have information directly at your fingertips.

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Our feeling is that people learn in multiple ways. Offering both written and visual learning helps aid in the effort.

I know during a boring meeting I tend to read a whole lot better than watching a video 😺!

Latest Video

Latest Lessons

Angular Material Router Awareness

Make your Angular Material components more aware by using the Angular Router's Power

Angular Material Reactive Forms Update Firestore

Validate your Angular Reactive Form and then update Firebase Firestore

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