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Angular PWA to Google Play store, using Trusted Web Activity Created: March 14, 2019 | Rating: 5/5 Angular PWA to Google Play Store Coming soon….
Alex Patterson
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Angular PWA to Google Play store, using Trusted Web Activity

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) are becoming more mainstream, allowing web applications to run as if they are native applications on your devices. Something that has been missing is the ability to list these applications in a centralized developer store. With the new introduction of TWA (Trusted Web Activity) you are now allowed to create a native application and APK file from a trusted PWA. Which means you can now delivery your PWA directly from the Google Play Store.

Firebase Authentication and Authorization

Using Firebase and FirebaseUI to Authorize users and Firestore rules to Authenticate within Angular Apps.

Angular Material Router Awareness

Make your Angular Material components more aware by using the Angular Router's Power

Angular Material Reactive Forms Update Firestore

Validate your Angular Reactive Form and then update Firebase Firestore

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